Manage your prospects. Quite simply.

Categorize your prospects’ responses. Send a pre-registered message. And turn your prospects into customers.

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Organize responses from  your prospects. 

With Novalya you have a potential of 50 and 100 new responses per week. It’s essential to manage this new flow of opportunities. Select your prospects and organize them by color and priority.

Answer in  1 click. 

Thanks to simple integration, save your favorite answers and reply to your prospects in 1 click. Forget about wasting time and repetition. Everything is integrated.

 automatically Engage with your contacts.

Because one message is often not enough. And now your prospects are categorized by color. Use automated reminders and get hundreds of responses.

Tracking has never been easier

No need for advanced skills, Novalya is designed to be extremely simple. Launch your automated prospecting and make your first sales in just a few minutes.

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