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“A passion for baking that inspired a business”

Novalya originated from the desire to create high-quality products that can help people improve their everyday lives.

Ever since I was a child, spending time baking all kinds of goodies with my mother, always seemed like the most magical thing on Earth. My husband knew and appreciated that, so he came up with the idea to create our own kitchen product brand. Honestly, I never thought that my passion for baking could ever turn into anything beyond a hobby.

At first, my husband’s idea – that seemed a bit far-fetched at the time – scared me, but seeing him talking so confidently about it, eventually made me embrace it with enthusiasm. So we embarked on this journey together hoping that with hard work everything will come our way.

Laura, Novalya Brand Owner


We are a young, freshly married couple living in Transylvania, Romania.

My husband’s drive for entrepreneurship, mixed with my passion for baking, put us on the way to create our own premium product line on Amazon.com.

As a small family business, we are committed to bring you the finest quality in our products, focusing on making your life in the kitchen easier.


Laura & Cristian, Novalya Brand Owners


Because food has always been an essential part of strong family bonds, with our products we hope to inspire people to cook more at home and enjoy the process.

The passion and love for baking inspire us to source and design only the best products that we believe in.

The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.


Made with the highest quality materials and attention to details, you can be sure that our products would be a great addition to everyone`s cookware collection.

In order to have the best quality and that every product we offer is designed and crafted to be elegant and durable, we always make sure that the products are manufactured at the highest standards.

“Happiness is homemade”

One Piece Design

Made of one piece polished construction with smooth around, there are no gaps for ingredients to get stuck. Each cup and spoon has a solid one-piece construction meaning no more breakable handles.

Engraved Measurements

Each utensil has engraved measurements in both US and METRIC measures that will never fade, so that they will last a lifetime. Great for use with both wet and dry ingredients.

Time Saver

Don't waste time on conversions. The measuring chart does the hard work for you. Less time converting = more time enjoying.

Leveler - BONUS

Because the smallest error can lead to disaster in baking and cooking, level up the extra ingredients for precise measurements, so that every recipe will be the same every time.

Our Top-Selling Product

Stackable Design

You will love the nesting cups and spoons, which make them a great space saving option that are easy to store in your kitchen drawer or countertop. The removable rings allows for individual use or as a hanging solution.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel

Made of polished premium grade, single mold, 18/8 stainless steel which will not rust, bend, or break, crafted to last a lifetime. Dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup.

Two-Spout For Easy Pouring

No more worries about spilling your liquid ingredients with the two-spout design, for both -right or -left handed.

Easy Acces

Never get frustrated with spilled spices again when measuring because our measuring spoons have narrow, stable long handled design for easy use in spice jars.

Blogging isn’t just writing…

Because we care, we want to keep you up to date with new ideas and recipes.
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